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GAMWIT is an AI-powered Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that provides visual and predictive analytics using Deep Learning and Machine Learning techniques. A robust and scalable gaming analytics platform that can easily integrate data from various gaming systems, and reduce the process of transforming data into actionable information in a matter of days.


GAMWIT's Predictive Analytics Module

Player Retention Optimization
GAMWIT constantly analyzes data and classifies users into different buckets based on several variables including their location to keep its findings precise and relevant. Casinos can also keep a tab on market trends, game popularity, usage time and more.
Measure campaign performance, effectiveness, and seasonal trends, along with other important variables, for allocating marketing spend and optimizing campaigns.
Identify problem gamers with high accuracy. Our AI based Responsible Gaming enabler identifies patterns of problem gambling using ML techniques and helps you stay compliant.
The VIP management application enables casinos with a platform for host management, early identification of VIP players and player development analytics.
GAMWIT constantly analyzes data and categorizes players based on several variables including their location so that along with cross-sell, Casinos can also keep a tab on market trends, and game popularity.
Affiliate management be simplified and optimized using GAMWIT which recognizes and provides insights on affiliates who fetch players with higher lifetime value than the rest.
A major reason for high CPAs and poor ROIs. Prevent bonus abuse by identifying the bonus abusers and shift focus to the players with high LTV value.

GAMWIT's Visual Analytics Module


Strategic Dashboards

The strategic dashboard measure business KPIs and variables to provide a high level overview of your entire business and its monthly performance.


Tactical Dashboards

A set of dashboard that enable you to perform in-depth analysis of your data.


Operational Dashboards

Tracking and monitoring made real simple with daily update of player activity.

Hyper-Personalization Has Never Been Easier


No Compromise On Security

IP Whitelisting, No Personal Identifiable Information, Secure Cloud Infrastructure


Easy Integration

Easily Integrates With Cloud And
On-Premise Data Ecosystem


Value for Money

Minimal Capital Expenditure, Faster Go To Market, Low Operational Cost, Pay As You Go



GAMWIT is a Gaming Analytics Platform, which gives 360-degree view of any gaming business. It uses AI and Machine Learning algorithms to find answers to some of the most pertinent problems of the gaming industry in the areas of Player Retention, Player Value Maximization, Marketing Budget Optimization(Cross-Sell, Upsell, Early VIP Prediction), Bonus Abuse and Problem Gambling. The platform also has a visual analytics module which gives descriptive insights for strategic, tactical as well as operational use including player Insights, product and games insights, campaign performance, floor management, host management and so on for gaming operators as well as game providers/aggregators.
GAMWIT is designed to cater to advanced analytics needs of Gaming Operators, Game Development Studios, Game Aggregators and Land Based Casinos providing Casino, Poker, Sports Betting, Lottery to players. It is quite popular with small and medium size businesses due to its lightening fast integration capabilities and it allows faster go to market for the business. For large enterprises, it is used mostly for its advanced analytics capabilities due to GAMWIT's AI/ML engine.
Integrating with GAMWIT is very easy. Just upload your data using one of these channels: Upload to SFTP server Upload through GAMWIT Application Front end Upload using GAMWIT API. Once integration is complete, both visual and predictive analytics modules are enabled for the client based on the license type. The output of the predictive models can be downloaded through the same channels and can be integrated with the CRM application. It takes max of 4-6 weeks to complete the integration and incorporate minor customizations, in case needed.
YES. Small businesses typically don't have a data warehouse in place. GAMWIT is a perfect solutions for such businesses as GAMWIT creates and maintains a virtual data warehouse (VDW) for each client's business. The analytics modules of GAMWIT work against this VDW to generate Visual and Predictive Analytics.
The GAMWIT platform is designed to work seamlessly with businesses which have their own BI platform. Data is ingested into GAMWIT directly from the BI platform and the output of the predictive models can be fed back into the BI platform or any downstream application like the CRM system to take any actions.
GAMWIT onboarding takes a maximum of 4-6 weeks depending on the size and scale of operations of the client as well as any minor customizations that may be required for the client's business.
GAMWIT requires a combination of Gaming, Non-Gaming, Product Hierarchy, Customer Attributes and Bonus and Campaign data to provide descriptive and predictive analytics for B2C operators. For B2B Game Providers and aggregators, we also require data related to deals with operators and suppliers for the financial insights. This requirement is dependent upon the kind of assets(models and dashboards) requested by clients. More details on the same are provided in the GAMWIT API document.
GAMWIT is a very easy to use Gaming Analytics platform which doesn't require any technical or data science expertise as a pre-requisite to be able to use the platform and can be used by any business user.
GAMWIT currently has the following Predictive Models being offered: Churn Prediction , Lifetime Value Prediction , Early VIP Identification , Player Frequency Prediction , Recommendation Engine , Bonus Abuser Model , Responsible Gaming Model
GAMWIT uses a custom built Auto-ML framework to identify the most optimal algorithm suited for a client's business data. Models are trained using multiple algorithms and then optimized further using hyperparameter tuning techniques to identify the best algorithm. The final model is selected based on overall accuracy and minimise the deviation between test and train model outputs.
GAMWIT offers dashboards suited for different views of the business for all levels of audience in an organization. We have - Strategic Dashboards are used to get a very high level 360 degree view of business KPIs. - Tactical Dashboards are used to monitor the performance of tactical initiatives in the business and are used by the heads of different departments. - Operational Dashboards for day to day monitoring of business and can be used by operational managers
Yes, GAMWIT's client with a pro-user license for dashboards can also access the self service capability on the platform.
Support is provided over email and chat with an SLA of 48 hours.
In order to get started on GAMWIT, you need to create an account on the GAMWIT platform, subscribe to the relevant package and select your required assets(Models/Dashboards). Our integration team will get in touch with you for backend integration of your datafeeds and in the meanwhile you can continue to upload data from the frontend to create/execute models or view dashboards.
Yes, GAMWIT offers a free trial license to its users. Users can subscribe to the free trial license and select any one model and one dashboard from its assets.
Yes, GAMWIT Models and Dashboards are available on mobile devices so you can take your business insights wherever you go.

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BizAcuity is a data analytics/business intelligence consulting company that has been building complete BI and analytics solutions for clients in the gaming industry for over a decade. GAMWIT was born from a decade-long experience with numerous large projects undertaken for casinos across the world.

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